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The Side Hustler Freedom Guide is your all-in-one toolkit for building a profitable and fulfilling side hustle outside your day job.

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    I work a 50+ hour day job and it's hard to maximize the free time I do have.

    Scotty takes all the things that you need to be successful and breaks them down into digestible takeaways that you can tackle every single day.

    Josephine Ung


    Whether you're looking to get started or monetize your side hustle, there's a guide that's sure to help you unlock the next level.

    This resource contains 6 guides compiling the top questions creatives like you have asked me over the years all-in-one place—for FREE.

    Joining my VIP Side Hustlers means you get access to all upgrades added in the near future with contributions from my heavy-hitting creative friends.

    here's what you'll get

    1. 6 Tips for Making Time to Execute Outside Your Day Job

    2. Painting Murals 101: Supplies, Resources, & the Basics of Pricing

    3. 8 Tips for Building an Online Audience & Personal Brand

    4. Top Books for Growing Your Creative Business & Sharpening Your Minds

    5. Top Accessorices & Resources for Your iPad Pro Digital Workflow

    6. Your Analog Drawing Essentials to Elevate Your Craft

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